Dental X-Ray Machine Vision 10

Dental X-Ray Machines


Great ideas come in small packages

DEX-10 Dental X-Ray machine from V. M. Engineering Co. (P) Ltd. have been designed to meet international standards. Needless to say the machines are easy to operate. The image clarity is impressive. The machine promises to meet your complete requirement and is easy to operate. Siddha Laxmi presents DEX-10 Dental X-Ray machines that are at par with the best in the world… At prices you can afford.

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Special feature :



• Controls

The lightweight control includes Microprocessor based digital control panel. Electronic feather touch membrane keyboard, Timer (solid state) 0.1 to 3.00 sec (40 steps).

• Tube-head

The specially developed HT transformer and 0.5mm x 0.5mm X-ray tube, all oil immersed in the tube head is to stand extreme climatic conditions and high altitudes

• Two section portable Tube stand

Dental X-Ray Machine is easy to operate, suitable for Wall & floor model. Spring counter balanced mechanism gives convenient control at tube heads; Vertical and horizontal travel and ensure no slide back

• Generated Ratings

10 mA at 70 kVp. At 3.00 sec.      Request a Quote