Vision 300 / 500





Vision 300 & 500 machines from V. M. Engineering Co. (P) Ltd. have been designed to meet for your radiography, fluoroscopy, spot filming and special procedures. Vision 300 & 500 are also suitable for image intensifier system, making it ideal for all applications, procedures and investigations. The image quality and contrast is impressive to make the best clinical decision. Vision 300 & 500 is well suited for individual clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes & corporate hospitals. The machines promise to meet your complete requirements and are easy to operate with heavy schedules.

Leaders in Imaging

Unsurpassed image quality distinguishes a Vision 300 & 500. Its independent control over selection of M, kVp and time is unique feature that empowers you with the flexibility to obtain unmatched quality and contrast to enable the best clinical decision.




Performance par excellence
  • The Vision 300 & 500 is designed to deliver high - quality, dependable X-Ray performance over the years.
  • Elegant digital display and extremely easy-to-use controls.
  • 3-LED indicators for voltage regulations.
  • mAs display for direct selection of radiography technique.
  • X-Rays lamp ON indicators that glows during exposure.
  • Automatic, instantaneous tube overload protection for longer tube life.
  • Digital display of technique selected.
  • Separate mAs display window reads obtained mAs for radiography and mAs for fluoroscopy.
  • kVp display for easy selection for kVp.

Geared to meet the demand of the new millennium !
  • Solid state electronic time
  • 2 kVp selector
  • Works better, looks better


Providing you complete solution for every application, a wide range of optional high quality accessories are also available. All with the guarantee of quality and enduring value, that only Siddha Laxmi can provide.

  • Radiography and Radiography/fluoroscopy floor to ceiling column stands.
  • Horizontal and manual multi-position bucky, examination tables.

deal for routine examinations such as the chest, extremities, skull and for special investigation including barium, IVP and routine orthopaedic examinations, abdomen and pelvic studies.

Technical Specification

Generator Rating
Radiography 300 mA at 100 kVp
Fluoroscopy 5 mA at 100 kVp
• Tube Current
Radiography Small focus: 5- mA, 100 mA Large focus: 100 mA, 200 mA, 300 mA
Spot filming 200 mA selections
Fluoroscopy 0-5 mA stepless
• Tube Voltage
Radiography 40 - 100 kVp (2 kVp step)
Fluoroscopy 50 - 100 kVp (10 kVp steps)
• Tubes
  Unit compatible with dual focus - Rotating Anode operation on 20/40 KW or 30/50 KW
• Timer
Radiography 0.02 sec - 10 second (24 steps)
• Power 36KW
• Power Supply
Three phase 440 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 Ohms line resistance with three phase to single phase transformer.
• Indiacation
Radiography Digital seven segment Display:


vision-300 Tables Tube stand
Motorex V-1 Manual SFD
Manualex V-1
No Fluoroscopy
With Fluoroscopy
Fluoroscopy with SFD
Horizontal V-1