Mammography Systems


Control Panel

VISIMAM is a state–of–the-art breast cancer detection system that is design to improve the quality and comfort of mammograms. The system produces high quality of images that allow for better visualization of breast tissue, aiding the early detection of breast cancer. This advanced system also includes features, that reduce procedure times and improve patient comfort. VISIMAM series of Mammography Systems delivers high quality breast images-consistently, efficiently and easily.

X-ray tube

High quality rotating anode X-ray tube Generator Type –High Frequency 40 KHz:HF HT generator adopts new IGBT tube and programmable logic array technology with 40 KHz working frequency to contribute more stable power out put, less straggling-rays & high picture contrast

High Frequency Generator

Incorporating the latest innovative technology, including revolutionary exclusive Automatic Self-adjusting Tilt Paddle. This system provides unsurpassed image quality while its automated features simplify operations and ensure consistent system performance and connection with CR.
The A.S.T. Paddle (optional accessory) assures more uniform compression across the entire breast and improves immobilization of breast tissue, resulting in reduced mobile artifacts and superior image quality

The A.S.T. Paddle

Paddle prevents over-compression at the chest wall by showing pressure numeral, maximizing patient comfort. The integrity exposure film 4mm deeterbreast tissue is visualized. Multi-mammograms in one film is possible.

Technical Space Rotating Anode Stationary Anode
X-ray Generator HF Inverter type 40 KHz HF Inverter type 40 KHz
KV Scope 20kV to 39kV 20 kV to 39kV
MAs Scope 100 mAs 100mAs
X-ray tube Anode type MO, Anode turn 9700rpm Focal point size
• 0.1mm
• 0.3mm Inherent filtration 1mm Be Filter 0.03mmMO
• Stationary Anode
• Focal point size 0.5mm
• Inherent filtration 1mm Be
• Filter 0.03mmMO
U-Arm Module • Rotation +/-90 ,
• UP/Dn Movement
• 600mm~1050mm
• motorized
• SID 650 mm
Cassette Size
• 300N
• Pressure numeral
• Manifestation
• 180 x 240 mm (Choose optional sizes)
• Operator controlled KV and mAs
• Automatic Exposure control (Optional accessory)
Magnification 1.5 times (Optional feature)
Input Power 5kVA 220V, 110V ac 50/60Hz

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