Vision 500





  • New Generation Solid State type Ultra High Frequency X-Ray Generator
  • Sleek and compact size Microprocessor controlled X-Ray Generator which ensure onsite upgradability of machine in future.
  • Microcontroller based New Generation Control Panel with Large Touch Screen LCD display
  • Graphical User Interface based APR and parameter selection simplify machine operation.
  • Choose between Two Point and Three Point Exposure Technique as per user requirement of dose management and documentation purpose.
  • Double action (Ready & Expose) hand switch with retractable cord provide more safety to operator is standard feature in all Vision X-Rays.
  • High quality X-Ray tube. Optional: Tube Mounted Controls with advance features.
  • Variety of X-Ray Table viz. 6-Way movement table, 4- Way Floating Table, Multi-position Table, Horizontal Table, Mobile Horizontal Table, R.F. Table etc.
  • Tube Stand and Vertical Bucky Stand with smooth movements with electromagnetic locking.
  • Sturdy and High Strength Mechanicals, stands made of corrosion resistant material.