Portable X-Ray Equipment (upto 350 KV)

We are the leading manufacturer of Portable X-Ray Equipment which include Portable X-Ray Scanners and Portable X-Ray Machines For Welding. These machines are made up of quality material which serves customer satisfaction. These portable equipment are easy to handle and are made available at market leading prices. These are offered by us in different models which are easier to move. Equipped with high resolution camera, these equipments can easily capture the clear images of affected area for treatment.

Portable X-Ray Scanner

Our Vision VIXI Portable X-Ray Security Inspection Equipments are widely used in government buildings, gathering halls, railway stations and courthouses and embassies. The salient features are the following:


• High resolution CCD camera and digital image collection card to enhance resolution of the image
• Large projection fluorescent screen of 200mm×300mm to make large size articles inspection easier
• Elaborately designed with Generator, Imager and Laptop to maintain characteristics in its structure and to ensure easy mobility
• Small volumed and light weighted portable X-Ray machine
• User friendly, easy to operate and multiplier interfaced Image processing software to employ and utilize the inner information of the image
• Latest image camera as well as processing technology for providing users with high quality images
• Excellent performance
• Graceful outlook

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Portable X-Ray Machine For Welding


Our Portable X-Ray equipments for welding, castingare widely used in various companies, industries and workshops. Various features of this kind of X-Ray equipment are as follows:

• Smart algorithms for providing the user with reliable high resolution image
• Ideal inspection system for inspecting foreign material in welding, casting portable
• Easy to maintain
• Uncomplicated installation
• Convenient operation

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