Digital Industrial X-Ray System : VIX 1605


Vision VIX 1605 Online Industrial X-ray Inspections system designed equipment for inspection of different types of castings. The system combines the advantage of highly efficient detectors, digital image processing, computer graphics and smart algorithms to provide the user with reliable high resolution image superior image processing functions and system self diagnostic
VIX 1605 Online Industrial X-ray Inspections system features simple installation, operation convenient and easy maintenance

It is an ideal inspection system to inspect Aluminum casting for large volume. It is totally customized system and can be designed as per customer’s requirements.

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• X-Ray Generator : KV Range: 60 – 160 Kvp.
mA Range: 1 – 5 mA.
Micro processor based control.

• X-Ray receiver :
4”, 6”, 9” field of view.

• Mechanicals : (Optional)
Complete radiation leakage proof cabinet.
Mechanical movements of job in 5 axes.
Rotation of job: Clockwise, Anti clockwise.

• Memory Systems :
Hardware :
Computer : Processor - Intel core 2 Duo, RAM – 2 GB, HDD – 80 GB, Combo drive, 2 x 19” TFT Flat panel monitors for better imaging quality.

Software Features :
Customized data base as per requirement.
Brightness adjustment.
Contrast adjustment.
Noise removal filters: Median, Gaussian, etc.
Smooth, Sharpen.
Invert (Negative).
Import / Export images.

Development of VIX 450

Final System


X-Ray Generator :

Voltage Range : 20 - 450KV
Current Range : 0 - 16mA
Focus : Dual Focus
Steps of current change : 0.1mA
Steps of voltage change : 0.5KV
Accuracy : + / - 1%
Maximum Power : 4500W
Inherent Filtration : 3.0mm + 2.0mm B
Target Angle : 11°
Cooling Medium : Oil
Cooling Medium Flow : 14ltr/m
HV Cables : 15m
High voltage connector type : R28
Laser beam centering device : Align the X-ray beam centerline with the axis of object.
Safety Features a) Door closer switch
b) Radiation ON indication lamp
c) Emergency OFF
d) Radiation leakage monitoring system
e) Safety alarm for temperature
Leakage Radiation : Less than 5mSv/h at 1m at full load
Collimator : Motorized movements
Power Requirement : 1f / 3f, 220/440V, 50Hz